The Christian Science Paradox



Paradox 4

A rich metaphor exists that hints to the existence of a structure with a nine by sixteen dimension, related to the 'city foursquare. Such a structure would be a structure of 144 elements. This dimension is also directly mentioned in the biblical text of Revelation 21:17 , the chapter in which the 'city foursquare' is introduced. The Glossary evidently represents this dimension. It contains all the attributes that fulfill the unique requirements for such a correlation, but when one counts the Glossary definitions that Mary Baker Eddy has provided, one counts 146 of them. That's a paradox, isn't it? But how can such a paradox be resolved?

To begin with, it needs to be realized that it is the nature of an ontological paradox to get us to see more with the mind's eye, than with the physical eye. Plato illustrated with his parable of the cave that this process can open up a whole new world for us, that we may have never known to exist. In respect to the Glossary, which contains quite a large number of dual definitions, this process corresponds to the opening up of one's perception to the existence of five unique types of dual definitions, each of which fulfills a unique purpose and presents a unique perception. Once one begins to see with the mind's eye in this manner, it becomes apparent that some previously recognized dual definitions aren't dual definitions at all. In this manner, the grand total of Glossary definitions becomes reduced to 144, as the metaphors indicate. Thus, the paradox becomes resolved.

It appears that this process of seeing with the mind's eye, that overrules the physical evidence, was extremely important to Mary Baker Eddy, so much so that she enshrined the factor of five, that represents this process, into the construction of the symbol by which all of her works became identified.

In this symbol the falling cross becomes the center of a crown of five stars. This five star crown is literally the central element of the cross and crown symbol that became her trademark from app. 1902 on, that appeared together with her signature on the front pages of all of her books. And so it must be, since all healing work in Christian Science, is a process of seeing with the mind's eye, a reality that the physical senses would deny.

This is also what the Glossary represents in its relationship to the 'city foursquare,' which cannot be understood in any other fashion.

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