The Christian Science Paradox



Paradox 2

It is interesting to note that every mayor element of Christian Science that Mary Baker Eddy presented is made up of sixteen parts, or multiples thereof, which together reflect the biblical "city foursquare" from Revelation 21 which is presented as the end phase of the Apostle John's prophesy of the end of all evil. The "city foursquare" is the focus in the last chapter of the Christian Science textbook, called The Apocalypse. 

The illustration shows eight of Mary Baker Eddy's major structures of Christian Science that are evidently designed to be structurally related to the "city foursquare" idea as a scientific matrix for discovering universal principles and interrelated concepts. The paradox is, that all of this was known since the beginning of the 1980s, while there is little interest around in exploring what it all means. We are dealing here with one of the most profound legacy of the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, that was evidently central to her self-development and the discovery and founding of Christian Science. Still we treat it as if it didn't exist.

For a hundred years people from all over the world have studied the Christian Science textbook, recited the Lord's Prayer with Mary Baker Eddy's scientific interpretation, and argued over the Church Manual, without ever realizing what it is that they are studying, reciting, or arguing over. If one brings the question up, people shrug their shoulder and respond, "so what?"

Of course, the paradox can be resolved if one actually takes care to explore what Mary Baker Eddy has laid before us. Indeed she has mandated us to do that. All formal teaching in Christian Science has been required by Mary Baker Eddy to be based on two of the major elements of this structure that is near universally denied to exist. As this requirement will be met, this particular Christian Science paradox will in time be resolved.


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